An Argument Worth Clarifying

America struggles with community. It seems to be all about either independent individualism or building cults. But the reality is that businesses only grow if they manage to be in, or create through intentional efforts, community. For this motive, it seems appropriate to write today to business owners, city representatives, and capitalists at large. You need to know why community and culture, independent from your balance sheets, matters precisely for your balance sheets. America in recent decades has struggled to balance what capitalism means in relation to community as a nation and on more localized terms. More than ever, the term ‘business’ is getting a bad, selfish, and villainized rap, while ‘community’ is getting a socialist, unrealistic, and unsustainable rap. Those trying to sort out this loss of understanding between culture and capitalism seem all too few and far between. Therefore, let me address, as a business owner, what it means to need community. Communi